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Plaster repair in Melbourne

Plaster repair in Melbourne

Plaster damage can look quite ugly and turn away potential buyers, renters or AirBNB stayers. Here is how I prepare for and repair the damage, weather it be a crack or a bigger dent.

For any repair I always try to get a sample of the paint so I can get it matched.

Lets start with the basic tools and materials you may need for plaster repairs.

  • 100mm drywall joint knife
  • 125mm drywall joint knife
  • Knife or keyhole saw
  • Plaster compound (pre-mixed multi purpose joint compound is easy to use)
  • Paper joint tape or mesh tape
  • Spare plasterboard sheet (for dents/holes)
  • Thin timber for backing of replacement plasterboard
  • Sanding block/sandpaper (not very rough)
  • Paint brush
  • Paint Roller & tray
Joint Knife

Paper tape

Mesh tape

Plaster compound

Keyhole saw

For a small crack you will need to first need to sand the area smooth so your compound has a smooth surface to start with. If the crack has a bit of a gap then you will need to use either paper joint tape or mesh tape. I use mesh tape for longer cracks as it may be house movement and it helps to hold it together, and paper tape for smaller cracks to allow something for the compound to grab to.

With paper tape you will need to apply a thin layer of compound first for the tape to adhere to. Once you have the tape on the crack you will need to smooth it out and eliminate as much of the compound under it as possible so it is smooth and as flat as possible.

Once your tape is flat and smooth you can start applying your compound to the area. Apply it in small layers and make it as smooth as possible (this will help with sanding later). Apply your compound in alternating ways, up & down, left & right. This helps eliminate the air holes and small holes that may appear in the compound. You need to apply enough compound so you can't see the tape or crack, making sure to cover around 20mm wider then the damaged area so you can feather the compound later.

Once your compound is smooth, allow this to dry for at least 24hrs so all the layers are completely dry. After 24hrs and all layers are dry you can start sanding. You need to feather your edges until you feel no bump between the repair and original wall. Sand the rest of the area so it feels as smooth as possible without sanding through to the paper tape.

Once the area is sanded to perfection you will need to get rid of the sanding dust that has accumulated on the area. I use a cheap wide paint brush to brush away all the compound dust so the paint has a clean area to stick to.

Once the area is clean from sanding dust you can paint the area. For all plaster repairs I use a paint roller of a suitable size. I paint an area larger then just the repair so the repair is less noticeable, you can even paint the entire wall.

Now for a larger dent or hole you will need to have some spare plasterboard. If the dent looks to deep and you think it will take a fair bit of compound to fill then you will need to cut out a section of damaged area.

I use a keyhole saw to cut out a square or rectangle slightly larger then the damage as it is easier to cut a replacement square or rectangle. Cut a piece of thin timber slightly wider then the hole and screw it to the original plasterboard (this will allow your replacement piece to sit flush with the existing plasterboard). Make the replacement piece as close to the hole size as possible. If the replacement piece is very close to the hole size you won't need any paper tape around the edge.

If you have a gap where the compound will sink into to easily then you will need to apply some paper tape around the edges to allow the compound to adhere properly and not sink to much into the gap.

Apply the compound as mentioned earlier and paint the area. You have now repaired your plaster damage or if this seems to complicated and you think you don't have the skill to make it perfect, fell free to call or send me a message.

It should look like the damage was never there in the first place and the wall will be like new.

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