Monday, 16 March 2020


With the coronavirus spreading all over the world I will be taking all precautions to keep myself and clients safe.

I will be hand washing with soap and water or sanitising them (if no soap and water available) before entering your home. I will be taking all precautions and I hope you will too.

I would like to be notified if you or anyone in your family has been in contact with anyone that has had symptoms or has symptoms so we can arrange to reschedule so everyone can stay safe and healthy.

You can still call me for any urgent jobs (ie: front door problems) and I will be able to take all precautions to protect myself. I have a top quality respirator, protective glasses, disposable gloves and a disposable coverall. This will enable me to get out and do you urgent job.

If you are quarantined and the job isn't urgent then it can wait. The World Health Organisation has said a full 14 days quarantined without any symptoms, so once the 14 days are over I can book you in from then, until then I won't be locking in a date.

I hope you are all keeping safe during this virus and keeping on top of your hand washing and sanitising to help limit the spread of germs. This shouldn't be limited to during this virus outbreak but all the time.

PH: 0419 393 179
Insta: adam_handy_hands

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