Friday, 11 May 2018

What can Adam's Handy Hands do???

Adam's Handy Hands isn't your ordinary handyman service, we do a lot of different jobs. We are always learning new skills, doing short courses and assisting experts on complicated jobs.

We assemble flat packs, mount TV's, washing machines, dryers to plaster and masonry walls, repair plaster damage (including painting), install doors and door locks (including digital locks), assembling and maintaining bicycles and more.

Some great jobs include, installing window awnings to provide some needed shade and cooling to the front rooms, installing a door and door frame to make a garage more secure and creating a free library

It great to see the end result of a perfect job, or in the case of a plaster repair not seeing the repair. I love getting to the end result, seeing that finished result and hearing from the client that they love the job I have done.

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