Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What can Adam's Handy Hands do?

Adam's Handy Hands started out just assembling flat packs. It was something I could do and I already had the necessary tools for the job.

There wasn't much of a need for that sort of work and it was becoming a bit repetitive, so I decided to expand and start doing more complex jobs. I started to do picture hanging, researching many of the types of hooks and anchors out there.

I broadened my skills and learnt to do plaster repairs, deck staining/oiling and replacing polycarbonate roofing. I wanted every day in my business to be different and have a bit of a challenge in the work I do.

Since starting my business I have assembled a lot of flat pack furniture, hung many paintings, TV's and mirrors, repaired and painted lots of plaster damages, replaced polycarbonate roofing, cleaned gutters and replaced a front loader washing machine seal and installed some window awnings.

Picture Hanging

Mounting TV's

Replace the seal on a front loader washing machine door

Create a nice safe balcony for an indoor cat to go outside but not climb over and escape

Replaced old and sun bleached polycarbonate roofing

Polycarbonate roofing looking so much better

My latest work, some window awnings to reduce the sun getting into the front rooms of the house.

I'm still learning every day and expanding my knowledge, taking the challenge to learn new skills and enjoy the different things I do in my business.

With my ever expanding knowledge and strive to keep on learning it is easier to ask me if I do the work, rather then asking what I can do. The list will be too long and I may miss something.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for any jobs you may need done.

PH: 0419 393 179

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